Memorial Day 2010

I just wanted to take a few minutes today to remember those who’ve made the supreme sacrifice in service to my country.

The PhotoArgus

Found another photo of mine out in the wild, this time at a photography blob called The PhotoArgus.

Here’s the original:

Heritage Key

I discovered another Creative Commons use of one of my photos in the wild today. This on is on a site called Heritage Key.
Here’s the original:

Fenway Park Infrared

It was a chilly night at Fenway park yesterday, but the Sox beat the Yanks 9 – 3 which made it easy. I also took a few minutes to catch this shot with my IR converted D100.

Fenway Park

Hannah’s Revenge

I got home to a little surprise today. I had a picture published in the book Hannah’s Revenge: The True Story of the Nightmarish Journey of Hannah Dustin by Juanita Carey ( available from Amazon ).
Here’s the original:

The John Lovewell / Hannah Duston monument in Nashua, NH.

In the Telegraph

I had a photo printed in the local paper this week. The Chamber of Commerce choose it as the cover of their annual awards announcement supplement in the Nashua Telegraph.

Here’s the original:

Going Infrared

This week I began a new photography experiment. I ordered a replacement filter for my Nikon D100 from LifePixel to convert it to infrared. The filter replaces the one normally in the camera, right over the sensor, which normally blocks the infrared light in favor of the visible spectrum we’re used to. The replacement does …