Wadsworth Monument

Wadsworth Monument, Sudbury, Massachusetts

Wadsworth Monument, Sudbury, Massachusetts

The monument reads:

This monument is erected by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the town of Sudbury in grateful rememberence of the services and sufferings of the founders of the state: and especially in honor of
Capt. S. Wadsworth of Milton.
Capt Brocklebank of Rowley,
Lieut. Sharp of Brookline.
and twenty six others, men of their command, who fell near this spot on the 18th of April 1676 while defending the frontier settlements against allied Indian forces of Philip of Pokanoket.

This monument replaced an earlier one that was erected on this spot in 1730 by Reverend Benjamin Wadsworth, President of Harvard College in memory of his father and the others killed that day in King Philip’s War.

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