Acton Memorials

Along the very short Prospect Street in Acton, Massachusetts, are two monuments to minutemen of April 19th, 1775.

Blanchard Monument, Acton, MA

Blanchard Monument, Acton, MA

The Blanchard brothers were among the men from Acton serving under Captain Isaac Davis. Young Luther was a fifer. When the minutemen formed up to take on the British army at the Old North Bridge in Concord, Capt. Davis was heard to say “I haven’t a man that’s afraid to go.” as his company took the lead. Luther and the company drummer are reported to have been playing The White Cockade, a Scottish tune considered an insult to the British.

Blanchard Monument circa 1899

Photo of the Blanchard Monument from a book published in 1899.

The first shot fired by the British at the Americans was aimed at one of the commanders, Major Buttrick. The ball flew between his arm and side leaving him uninjured, but hit Luther Blanchard causing a minor wound.

Abner Hosmer Monument, Acton, MA

Abner Hosmer Monument, Acton, MA

Abner Hosmer was 20 years old when he marched from his family’s farm in Acton to Concord. He was a private serving under Captain Davis and among the lead company when the fighting broke out. Abner and Captain Davis were shot and killed in the first volley from the British.

As the memorial states Luther and his brother went on to serve in the Battle of Bunker Hill and beyond. Young Luther died in September. The cause of his death is not clear, but some believe it was the lingering wound he received on April 19th.

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