Memorial Day 2010

I just wanted to take a few minutes today to remember those who’ve made the supreme sacrifice in service to my country.

Hannah’s Revenge

I got home to a little surprise today. I had a picture published in the book Hannah’s Revenge: The True Story of the Nightmarish Journey of Hannah Dustin by Juanita Carey ( available from Amazon ).
Here’s the original:

The John Lovewell / Hannah Duston monument in Nashua, NH.

In the Telegraph

I had a photo printed in the local paper this week. The Chamber of Commerce choose it as the cover of their annual awards announcement supplement in the Nashua Telegraph.

Here’s the original:

The 2010 Balding

Tonight was my fourth St. Baldrick’s fundraiser, where I get bald to raise money for Children’s Cancer Research. (More info at Here’s Cynthia’s pictures of the event:

Massachusetts Weather From Australia

One of my photographs was picked up by an Australian new agency to report on the weather in Massachusetts –
Here’s the original on Flickr.
[flickr pid=4173423006 size=m]

Yes we camera

I found a fun little iPhone app that makes posterized versions of photographs called Yes We Camera. (Link opens iTunes.) Apparently it was intended to come out during the Presidential election, but only just got approved. Gotta love that Apple approval process…
Here’s a few samples: