App of the Week – Glaze

Ease of use: 4
Fun factor: 5
Results: 5
Price: Free
In app purchases: Yes, for additional styles
Application type: Universal (works natively on iPhone and iPad)
App Store Link: Glaze
I was digging through the iTunes App Store looking for some new editing apps ¬†when it occurred to me that not being able to see more examples of the results was …


Going Infrared

This week I began a new photography experiment. I ordered a replacement filter for my Nikon D100 from LifePixel to convert it to infrared. The filter replaces the one normally in the camera, right over the sensor, which normally blocks the infrared light in favor of the visible spectrum we’re used to. The replacement does …


Yes we camera

I found a fun little iPhone app that makes posterized versions of photographs called Yes We Camera. (Link opens iTunes.) Apparently it was intended to come out during the Presidential election, but only just got approved. Gotta love that Apple approval process…
Here’s a few samples:




Posterized Covered Bridge

I was killing a little time before “the big game” today, so I tried out a program a local photographer recommended for high dynamic range (HDR) images called Photomatix. Unfortunately I’ve been pretty harsh over the years in deleting all the “bad” exposures. Now that’s coming back to bite me, as those “bad” exposures could …