I just learned abut this one:

I originally made that image in October while looking for autumn colors. I’m thrilled to see it in good use. Here’s the original:

Woman Wielding Words

It’s been a while, about 6 months, since I found a photo of mine used (under Creative Commons) anywhere on the internet. It’s probably not a coincidence that I started making infrared photographs pretty heavily around the same time. I love those, but they don’t necessarily make the best editorial illustrations.
Today’s was found on a …


Matt and Kate’s Wedding

This morning I discovered another unique, creative commons use of one of my photos. http://www.mattandkateswedding.com is just what the URL implies. They’ve set up a site to share news, photos and videos about their wedding plans, and here’s the really cool part – to get their guests feedback on different ideas.
Here’s the original:

The PhotoArgus

Found another photo of mine out in the wild, this time at a photography blob called The PhotoArgus.

Here’s the original:

Heritage Key

I discovered another Creative Commons use of one of my photos in the wild today. This on is on a site called Heritage Key.
Here’s the original:

21st Century Abe

Found another cool Creative Commons use of one of my photos tonight on a site called 21st Century Abe .

Here’s the original:
[flickr pid=3825405633 size=m]
Abe Lincoln Jar, Fort McClary, Kittery, Maine

Color Lovers

Today I found a very nice Creative Commons use of a photo I took about a year ago. Here are two screen shots from http://colorlovers.com.
The original was taken in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Massachusetts Weather From Australia

One of my photographs was picked up by an Australian new agency to report on the weather in Massachusetts – http://www.abc.net.au/news/photos/2009/12/22/2778603.htm
Here’s the original on Flickr.
[flickr pid=4173423006 size=m]