I just learned abut this one:

I originally made that image in October while looking for autumn colors. I’m thrilled to see it in good use. Here’s the original:

Woman Wielding Words

It’s been a while, about 6 months, since I found a photo of mine used (under Creative Commons) anywhere on the internet. It’s probably not a coincidence that I started making infrared photographs pretty heavily around the same time. I love those, but they don’t necessarily make the best editorial illustrations.
Today’s was found on a …


Matt and Kate’s Wedding

This morning I discovered another unique, creative commons use of one of my photos. http://www.mattandkateswedding.com is just what the URL implies. They’ve set up a site to share news, photos and videos about their wedding plans, and here’s the really cool part – to get their guests feedback on different ideas.
Here’s the original:

Color Lovers

Today I found a very nice Creative Commons use of a photo I took about a year ago. Here are two screen shots from http://colorlovers.com.
The original was taken in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.