Nubble Light

Locals recommended a lighthouse on the Nubble island as early as 1807, but one wasn’t built until 1879. The lighthouse was manned by a keeper until 1987 when it was automated.

Hemlock Covered Bridge

This bridge spanning the Saco River in Fryeburg, Maine (USA), was built in 1857 by one J. Perry. It was built with a Paddleford truss, but later had arches added for better support. About 25 years ago the bridge deck was further reinforced with steel beams. It’s in a beautiful, quiet spot, exactly as you’d …


21st Century Abe

Found another cool Creative Commons use of one of my photos tonight on a site called 21st Century Abe .

Here’s the original:
[flickr pid=3825405633 size=m]
Abe Lincoln Jar, Fort McClary, Kittery, Maine

Fort McClary, Kittery, Maine

I wish I was better at planning these things, but sometimes you get lucky. I drove out to Fort McClary in Kittery, Maine today and was surprised to find a group of reenactors camping there for the weekend. Their tents provided a nice little extra.
The Blockhouse is unique not only for it’s shape and …